ARKtopia is a pvpve server on the island

with slightly boosted rates pve during the week and pvp on the weekend

Players guide

Quick Beguiners guide turotial video


Ark Wiki

The Ark Survival Evolved reference manual



Our TeamSpeak Details are Below

Ip Address :

Default Port

Dedicated host

Hosted in USA with a Lag Free dedicated box 35gb ram 4ghz cpu and 10gb connection

Starter kits include

-an argy w/prim saddle
-mc flak armour
-mc pike
-Mc fab pistol (x100 bullets
-prim metal pick and hatchet

New Player Reward

For the first 10 people to join the server.

you will also receive an Asc longneck with 50bullets and 50 shocking tranq darts.
Starter kits will not be given again if you die while looking for a place to build

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Server Rates


3x Harvest
10x Tame
5x Experience
20x Egg Hatching
20x Mature Speed
0.5x Mating Interval


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Current Mods Content Pack
Structures Plus
Ark Steampunk Mod
Beacon Enhancer
Ultra Stacks
Ammo Pool
Raft Extender
Ark Advance 10
Stairs Mod with Rounded Walls
Snappy Saddles
Pillars Plus
Platforms Plus